Established in Los Angeles, California in 2014, NIMBUS Laboratories specializes in Neutraceutical Sciences, Bio-Technology, Natural Flavor and Fragrance Formulation, and Smoking Cessation Product Design. NIMBUS strives to evolve the intersection of science, engineering, and technology by utilizing the gifts of Mother Nature.

NIMBUS Laboratories’ work is the result of countless hours of research and experimentation to bring humankind closer to fully comprehending plants, their derivatives, and all they can provide to the world. With the goal of understanding and creating natural products that benefit the health and wellness of society, NIMBUS solve’s today’s questions using tomorrow’s solutions.


  • Innovating industry-leading bio-extraction and
    bio-refinement engineering processes
  • Compounding and formulation services
  • Quality Assessment

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Vaporizor & Atomization Technologies

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Custom flavor profiling
  • Natural sourcing methods
  • Vaporization hardware prototyping and development

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Nutraceuticals are products derived from food and plant sources that exhibit exceptional health benefits. Nutraceuticals are non-specific biological therapies used to promote general well-being, control symptoms, and prevent malignant processes.

NIMBUS Laboratories designs and manufactures Nutraceutical formulations and supplements for a spectrum of nutrition science, health and wellness, and chemical specialization clients. From medical, homeopathic, and nutritional supplements, to culinary uses including state of the art flavor formulations and fragrance design/aromatherapy, NIMBUS’ skilled experts use Nutraceuticals for a wide variety of applications.

In addition to manufacturing services, NIMBUS Laboratories provides training in the use and operation of apparatuses and instruments for extracting high purity essential plant oils. NIMBUS also provides training on the purification of organic products for nutraceutical applications.

With quality assessment practices that are second to none, NIMBUS goes the extra mile to ensure that every ingredient used in the nutraceutical process is held to the highest possible standard of quality. A staff of experts follows strict processes to ensure accountability, high yield, and uncompromised purity.

Vaporization Technologies

Vaporizer Pens

Vaporizer Pens are refillable and reusable devices that are used for personal vaporization of essential oils and flavored liquids. We develop, and source custom materials for all inner workings of vaporizer pens, including but not limited development of plant-based biodegradable batteries, chargers, chambers, coils, wicks, cartridge bodies, mouthpieces, lip guards, packaging, engraving, and more. With an eye toward the future, our product development experts continually adapt and evolve new technology to meet the ever changing demands of a rapidly growing industry.

Electronic Vaporizer Cartridge Refills

As an accessory to Vaporizer Pens, NIMBUS designs and develops customizable refillable cartridges used to house Electronic Vaporizer Liquid. Utilizing cutting edge materials, NIMBUS innovates safe, effective, and affordable cartridge refills for a variety of viscosities, delivery methods, and battery types. From custom designs and engraving, to unique voltage and wickage requirements, NIMBUS can fulfill nearly any request.

Disposable Vaporizer Devices

Disposable apparatuses used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, Disposable Vaporizer Devices provide a convenient, clean, and effective method of smoking cessation. Our product development experts utilize cutting edge technology to continually push the boundaries of design beyond that of the standard artificial vaping device.

Electric Vaporizer Liquid

Comprised of liquid used to fill and load electronic vaporizing devices, NIMBUS develops, engineers, and mixes new formulations of Electronic Vaporizer Liquid. Using safe, natural derivatives such as essential oils, plant extracts, and isolated natural terpenes, NIMBUS develops formulations to meet a wide variety of custom requests and market demands.

Our Services

Research and Development

NIMBUS Laboratories specializes in research and development, and has designed unique product types, new market ideas, and custom concepts for discerning clients. NIMBUS offers effective means for traversing difficult regulatory parameters while introducing a custom and unique product to market.

With a wide range of experience encompassing chemical engineering, health sciences, analytical and process chemistry, phytochemistry, IP development and marketing strategy, NIMBUS offers the scientific backbone and entrepreneurial expertise needed to ensure a client’s product will be a winning solution. NIMBUS offers creative and customizable partnerships to launch new ideas in the method that best suits a client’s market-specific goals.


NIMBUS Laboratories provides consultation services and method development for botanical and nutraceutical science. NIMBUS also specializes in phytochemical and agricultural projects where new molecular entity identification, novel product knowledge, processing or delivery methods are sought.

New Product Formulation

NIMBUS specializes in providing customized solutions for novel product ideas that appeal to a client’s specific market. By creating new chemical mixtures for the development of unique consumer products utilizing only natural ingredients, NIMBUS can deliver a cost-effective manner of production while focusing on increased efficiency. The suite of analytical tools and unique skilled backgrounds utilized by NIMBUS offers an insightful and novel perspective on the creation of your product. NIMBUS can build unique solutions for emerging industries and is happy to accommodate new and exciting challenges.


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